Top 5 Reasons Not Receiving Google AdSense Account Approval

Top 5 Reasons Not Receiving Google AdSense Account Approval

Hello friends, how to get Google AdSense account approved? These questions are searched by all new bloggers. Almost all bloggers make blogs to earn money. But due to some mistakes, they do not get AdSense approval. After which some bloggers move to another platform. And some quit blogging. So today THG will tell you why approval is not available in AdSense account.
Today THG will tell you what mistakes most bloggers usually make. Due to which they do not know Approval in Google AdSense. New bloggers do not have much knowledge of blogging because they do not know when to apply for Adsense, and how to apply.
If we pay little attention to our blog, then it is very easy to approve Google Adsense account. You just have to follow the terms and conditions and policy of Google Adsense and follow some important tips to make Adsense fast approval, after that you can get your AdSense account approved for your blog very easily. So let’s know which are the mistakes that all bloggers usually do.
Top 5 Reasons of Not Getting Google AdSense Approval

1) Writing Copyrighted Content

Most bloggers make this mistake. Copying others’ posts. This is the biggest mistake due to which AdSense approval is not available. Copying others’ posts and pasting them into your blog means you are stealing. Which is against AdSense policy. You don’t have to do anything that breaks the AdSense policy.

So always write your own content in your blog. Never copy someone’s post. Any post you write should be absolutely unique. Whatever article you write in your blog, do not copy anything written by yourself. Because Google AdSense does not show AIDS on copyrighted content. So if your blog contains copyrighted content, then AdSense will not give you approval. So write the content on your site by yourself, write it absolutely unique, and write it so well that Google gives approval on seeing your post.

2) Do not create important pages

This is also an important reason, bloggers who do not create the necessary pages in their blog, they will never get approval from AdSense. Because AdSense checks all the necessary pages of your blog before giving approval. Before applying for Google Adsense, make a necessary page on your blog or website such as: – About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Sitemap, Disclaimer, etc. AdSense never provides approval without these pages. So, before applying for Google Adsense, make all the necessary pages on your blog or website so that AdSense approval can be found easily.

3) Immediately after creating blog, apply for AdSense account

Almost all bloggers come to blogging to make money. That’s why most people apply for AdSense soon after creating a blog. Which is absolutely wrong. If you do this too, you will never get the approval approval. Because your blog does not have Sufficient Content. So first fulfill the requirement of AdSense. Only then apply for AdSense.

By the way, according to the policy of AdSense, blogs in India should be at least 6 months old. But if your blog has good content, 100+ posts, visitors are coming good, and you are writing regular articles, then you can apply for AdSense in 1 month. But I have noticed that many new bloggers apply for Adsense in a day or two after creating a blog. This is absolutely wrong. By doing this you will never get approval from Adsense. So first of all, manage your blog well. And after at least 1 month, if you feel you can apply for AdSense. Also, if you do not have too many articles written in your blog. And the traffic is also less, then you apply for AdSense after 6 months.

4) Auto Generated Page

What is an Auto Generated Page? It is easy to understand in Sabbath, when you translate and post a paste of another language, paste it in your blog. So it is called Auto Generated Post / Page. Even if you do this, you will not get AdSense approval. Because even though you have not directly copied the post. But Indirectly, you have done it Copy & Paste. So therefore, always write the post yourself, do not copy even a single word.

5) Some Basic Reasons

Now I will tell you some Basic Reasons. Because of which Google AdSense cannot be approved. And these mistakes are very small, which do not get our attention. Here we have to pay attention to very small things. After that you can get success in blogging. The following are the basic mistakes, which usually occur from everyone. You have to pay attention to them.

i) Not getting Organic Traffic.
ii) Fewer posts on Blog.
iii) Not submitting Blog to Google Console.
iv) Your age is not 18+.
v) Apply for AdSense before 6 months.
vi) Blog’s Template not being Responsive.
vii) Using Copyrighted Image.

So friends, this was some Reasons due to which Google AdSense cannot be approved. If you understand all these points and follow them 100%, then you will get Approval from AdSense. I hope you liked this post. And all my points mentioned must have been understood. If you liked the post, please share it with all your friends on social media. If you have any question, you can comment and ask us. Apart from this, you can get the information of all new posts continuously by following Naukarione.

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