How to do Google Adsense’s Best Ads Placement | To earn more money

How to do Google Adsense’s Best Ads Placement | To earn more money

Hello friends, first of all, blogger has to work very hard to get Approval in AdSense. Every little thing has to be taken care of. And once we get the Approval, then there is the matter of earning more revenue. Many bloggers make mistakes here. Because of which their CPC decreases. And with a small mistake, your AdSense account can also be disabled. So make no mistake in the greed to earn more money. So today I am going to give you tips to earn more revenue than AdSense.
Today Naukarione is going to tell you about the Best Ads Placement of Google AdSense. How can we make the best placement of AdSense aids in our blog. Which will increase the CPC of our AdSense. And we will be able to earn more revenue. Let me tell you that it is very easy to place AdSense aids. You just have to take care of some things. All things, I will explain to you in this post. Read this post carefully.

How to do Google Adsense’s Best Ads Placement

It is very important to make the best ad placement of Google Adsense. Because our Earning depends on this. And it’s a tricky job. The Best Ads Placement of AdSense means to place AIDS in a good place in your blog. Where most visitors click. You have many advantages from this. Visitors will not have any problem with AIDS. And your traffic will increase twice. And at the same time your AdSense earning will also become double.
Best Ads Placement Location of Google AdSense

1) In the Top of Content / Article.
2) Can apply Header (729 X 90) Ad. But there are not many clicks in the header.
3) Can be used as Banner Ad in Sidebar.
4) Video Ad can also be placed in the sidebar.
5) Can put (729 X 90) Ad at the end of the article.
6) If you focus more on income, then you can also put a Link Ad in the middle of the article.
7) Use Google Search for search in blogs. This will increase your Revenue.
8) Ad Unit Size You can also keep responsible. Google also recommends this.
9) Put at least 3 and maximum 5 ads in a page.

This is a great location to apply AIDS in the blog. Google itself says to put AIDS at these places. Because visitors at these places interact more. For this reason, clicks are also more here. If you put AIDS in these places then both your earning and traffic will increase 100%. Apart from this, you should also note that your visitor is not having any problem. So do not put too much AIDS.

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