Janmashtami Alphabet Letter Name & Wallpaper Download

Janmashtami Alphabet Letter Name & Wallpaper Download : Krishna Janmashtami also known as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, Sree Jayanti or sometimes simply as Janmashtami, is an annual celebration of the birth of the Hindu deity Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu.

The festival is celebrated on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of the month of Shravan (August-September) in the Hindu calendar. Rasa lila, dramatic enactments of the life of Krishna, are a special feature in regions of Mathura and Vrindavan, and regions following Vaishnavism in Manipur. While the Rasa lila re-creates the flirtatious aspects of Krishna’s youthful days, the Dahi Handi celebrate God’s playful and mischievous side, where teams of young men form human towers to reach a high-hanging pot of butter and break it. This tradition, also known as uriadi, is a major event in Tamil Nadu on Gokulashtami. Krishna Janmashtami is followed by the festival Nandotsav, which celebrates the occasion when Nanda Baba distributed gifts to the community in honour of the birth.

This application contains:
★ Best Krishna Janmashtami wallpapers & greetings.
★ Wallpaper set on screens and share by whatsapp or other… simple click on image.
★ Best Krishna Janmashtami related songs.
★ Set the current songs as Ringtone/Alarm to simple click on background.
★ Automatic stop and continue music during phone calls.
★ About Krishna Janmashtami in Hindi and English language.
★ App can be moved to SD Card from device settings.


★ Shri Krishna Janmashtami Gif Greetings
★ Janmashtami Gif Messages
★ Shubh Janmashtami Gif Shubhkamnayen
★ Janmashtami wishes on Gif
★ Janmashtami Shayari on Gif
★ Krishna’s Birthday GIf

Janmashtami Alphabet Letter Name & Wallpaper Download


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