Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme & 1.60 Lakh Loan & Apply 2020

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme has been launched to double the income of farmers. It has more than 60 thousand beneficiaries. So far, about 4 lakh applications have been received from different banks. This scheme is applicable in Haryana. According to state agriculture minister JP Dalal, the government has decided to issue the card to 8 lakh pastoralists. The condition of the animal credit card is similar to that of the Modi government’s Kisan credit card skin. There is no guarantee to take up to Rs 1.60 
The Bankers Committee has assured the government that all eligible applicants will get the benefit of the Cattle Farmer Credit Card Scheme. The broker said the target could not be achieved without the cooperation of bankers. Banks should also organize camps for information on this scheme. The veterinarian informs the plan by putting up special hoardings in the veterinary hospitals. There are about 16 lakh families in the region who have dairy cattle and are undergoing training
◆ How much money will you get for cows and buffaloes
● There is a provision to give Rs. 40,783 for cows.
● Rs 60,249 for buffalo. From this will be the buffalo.
● 4063 for sheep and goats.
● Hens (laying eggs) will be given 720 rupees.
◆ What is the eligibility for the card
● The applicant should be a permanent resident of the state of Haryana.
● Applicant’s Aadhaar Card, Pen Card, Water ID Card.
● Mobile number
● Passport size photo
☑️ Important Link
● To read in Gujarati :- Click Here
● Latest Scheme :- Click Here
◆ Apply this way
● Interested beneficiaries from the state of Haryana who want to make an animal credit card under this scheme have to go to their nearest bank and apply.
● Go to the bank with the required documents to apply here. There is an application form to fill.
● After filling the application form you have to do KYC. For KYC, farmers have to provide Aadhar card, pen card, water card and passport size photo.
● You will get Animal Credit Card within 1 month of getting KYC from the bank and verification of application form for making livestock credit card.

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