Latest News Report on When Schools Reopen in Gujarat For 1 to 5 Students

Latest News Report on When Reopen Schools in Gujarat, Schools not to open for children of Std 1 to 5 after Diwali, hints given in webinar of education minister and school administrators. Schools across the state have been closed since the lockdown was declared in the state of Gujarat in March. Unlock-P is also not open. It is dangerous to open schools for students who are still at risk of Corona infection. Especially in primary school. 
Even after Diwali, there is still uncertainty about starting schools for children below 6th standard. Various aspects of starting schools were discussed in a webinar held between the state education minister, school administrators and primary education officials and guidelines are being prepared by the education department on this basis.
Schools will not open after Diwali for children of standard 1 to 5, After the Diwali vacation ends in November, Std. Students in grades 10 and 12 are likely to be allowed to come to school with certain conditions, although transportation may increase the likelihood of corona infection.
If the possibility of corona infection increases, the government may make it a condition that the issue be discussed. Suggestions were discussed for primary school students that on an experimental basis, urban area std. Allowing students from 6th to 8th to come to school after Diwali vacation is a big risk but in rural areas where there are open schools and schools are close, there is no question of transportation. The government is considering this issue.
The government is considering the issue But std. For students below 6th standard, it is unlikely that schools will be reopened even after Diwali, education department officials said. Unit tests have been completed in schools and home learning is in progress. The Diwali vacation has been shortened this year as schools have been closed for a long time due to Corona.

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