Vidhava Sahay Yojana 2020 ! Benefits up to Rs 20,000, know its process

The scheme has been implemented in the whole of India. Many people have an idea about this scheme but do not give any important and accurate information. Don’t know its process. So from that point of view, this information is very important. So let’s know where to look for the paperwork and the evidence and where to apply it. As you can tell, this amount was only 10,000 annually but now it is 20,000 a year

●Next we get information about the necessary paperwork and evidence. 
They include husband’s death example, husband’s Aadhaar card, election card and date of birth and school living certificate. Then we will talk about the evidence of the widow who is a widow or school living certificate and Aadhar card, election card and two small color photos. As well as to make an oath or notary of affidavit of the caste example and other marriage not done there. Apart from these children’s birth patterns and Aadhar card and ration card. Such evidence will be needed.

●Now let’s talk about where to go to get that help. 
The widow help form will be easily available to you from the maternity office without any payment. If the widow has a son older than 21, then the widow is not eligible for assistance and if the widow has only daughters, then she does not have age restrictions. Regardless of age, the daughter will be entitled to this assistance.
Apart from this, if the family of the widow has a BPL card, she will get Rs 20,000 for the first time according to the crisis relief and also by the government. The paperwork and evidence for it will also be as stated below. But you will need all the documents two to one for emergency and one for widow assistance

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