Know Any Vehicle Detail online : Download Mparivahan APK Online

Documents such as driving licenses or registration certificates in electronic formats will be considered identical to the original documents if they are stored on the DigiLocker or Apple Apps, the government said on Friday. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said in a statement that if the documents were not available on the municipality or DigiLocker, they would not be considered as legitimate validity of the original documents.
Know Any Vehicle Detail online : Download Mparivahan APK Online
The Ministry has issued a detailed standard operating operating procedure (SOP) for the acceptance of transport related documents presented in electronic form.
it states that the Ministry amended the Central Motor Vehicles Rules in November 2018, enabling registration certificates (RCs), insurance, fitness and permits, driving licenses (DLs), pollution control certificates (PUCs) and any other relevant documents. Were scored. Documents to accept in electronic form.

With this revision of the rules, people no longer have to carry relevant paper documents.
However, electronic documents must be treated as being equally valid with the original documents in accordance with the provisions of the Information Documents Act, 2000, which are required to be available on the DigiLocker or Empowering Application, which is handled by the user. The statement said.
MPRiwan Mobile App is being provided by NIC through Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
Details of RC, DL, fitness validation, insurance validation and permit validation are available on this mobile application on a real time basis by entering the DL or vehicle registration number related to the vehicle.
“The DigiLocker platform of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has the capability to draw a citizen’s driving license or certificate of registration details from the vehicle and make it available in the DigiLocker application in electronic form.”
Vehicle insurance and its renewal data are reflected in a move application that is only available to enforcement officials, it said.
Ministry-issued SOPs According to this, people are going through these apps for DL. Or R.C. Download and store on their mobile devices.
They can access DL via the Internet Connection via mobile connectivity app on mobile. Or even show details regarding the RC.
Implementing agencies can access these details simultaneously with the Echelon app, which has data for vehicle verification online verification and its license status, he said.
The statement said, “Line Fine Verification of the MQ QR code is also available on this platform. For this purpose general Android mobile applications can be used.”
This benefits both implementing agencies because they do not need to physically handle a document, their office fees do not need to maintain any inventory or records, and citizens will not need to keep the documents, he says.
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This fast, transparent and responsive system also guarantees the real-time availability of crime situations to transport and traffic enforcement officers and citizens, he added.
1. Find details of any parked, accidental or theft vehicle by just entering the registration number.
2. Verify your car registration details..
3. Verify details of a second hand vehicle.
4. If you want to buy a second hand car you can verify the age and registration details. Along with above features, you can also verify DL details and create virtual DL and RC
Know Any Vehicle Detail online : Download Mparivahan APK Online

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