What are the Best Payment Apps in India? To Send and Receive 24X7 Payments

What are the Best Payment Apps in India? To Send and Receive 24X7 Payments

Hello friends, there has been a lot of cash problem in India after demonetization. Keeping this in view, the government and many companies have taken steps to overcome this problem. Many companies have launched Payments Apps to make India a Digital India. But in today’s time, people are confused because of having a lot of Payments App. Which app to use. And what not to do. Which App Is Right, And Which Is Not. So today THG is going to tell you about the Top 4 Best Payments Apps in this post.
Which app is right, which is not right. Which is Genuine, Which is Fraud? Which app has advantages in which not? There are many other similar questions, in which people get entangled. And they are unable to decide which app we should use Exactly. So if you are also one of those people, then after reading this post completely, you will be removed from their list. Because THG is telling you about the best payment app in this post.

Before downloading / installing any payment app, make sure that all the features mentioned below are in that app or not. Because a Genuine and Trusted Payment app has all these Global Features. So let’s know which global feature it is:
1) Accepted in all Places: – You select AC App which is accepted in all places. Daily we shop from different places, so it is important that the payment app you are using is accepted everywhere. Be it online shopping or offline. Which makes it easier for you to pay.

2) Have Basic Task: – You select an AC app that contains Basic Task. Basic Task has the advantage that through that app you can recharge mobile recharge, electricity bill, telephone bill, DTH. And there should also be a facility of Balance Transfer to Bank Account.

3) Payment Process Done Instantly: – You do not use any app that takes time to complete the payment process. This means that you are sending money to someone, and that money is reaching another person after 5 – 6 hours. You must have understood what I mean. You use a payment app in which immediately after sending the payment, immediately reach another person.

4) Balance Transfer to Bank Account: – It is very important to have this feature in any payment app. Suppose you did a transaction, and you got a cashback from it. Now you do not want to buy anything else, do you let Cashback go in vain? Therefore, you should choose a payment app that has the facility to transfer Wallet Balance to your Bank Account.

Best Payment App in India

Considering all the features mentioned above, and according to my Personal Experience, I have given the top 4 Best Payment Apps attention below. Which you can easily do 24X7 Transaction while in India. Describe the app well. After reading the post thoroughly, you will understand. And they will be able to easily decide which app you should use.

1) Google Pay [Google Tez]

You must have known by the name that this is Google’s product. So you can also understand its security, how good it will be. Google has made this app specially for India only. Previously your name was Google Tez. But now Google has changed the name of this app to Google Pay. This is a very good Payment App. I have given it First Position out of my Top 4 list. Because I think it is the best. And it also has some unique features. Because of which it is the best app.

Let me tell you about some special features of Google Pay. : – First and best feature is Rewards in every Transaction. Whether you recharge mobile, pay bill, or send payment. Google gives you Rewards in every Transaction. Then there is its other special feature, that there is no Wallet System in it. This means that whatever transaction you do in it will be directly from your bank account. And the Rewards will also go directly to your bank account.

2) Paytm

Paytm’s name will be heard by almost everyone. It is an Indian E – Commerce Payment Company. Which was created in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma ji. Some time ago there was rumor that Paytm is a Chinese company. But this is completely wrong. Paytm is an Indian company and has its head office in Noida. After Demonetization, Paytm has emerged quite a lot and since then there has been a lot of popularity.

Paytm is a very good Payment App. And this is a Trusted App. It has all the features that should be in a payment app. Through this app, you can send money instantly anytime anywhere in 24X7. And can order it. Apart from this, UPI based payment can also be made in it. Apart from this, you can also do mobile recharge, bill pay to online shopping.

In today’s time, Paytm has become India’s most popular payment app. In this, you can do all the transactions related to online. In this, you get some Extra Ordinary Features, which is not available in every payment app. Such as: In this, you can book Flight, Hotels, Movie, Event, Bus and Railway Tickets. Click on the link below to download the Paytm app.

3) BHIM App

BHIM app is made by NPCI IND. The full form of That is, this app has been launched by Government. BHIM App was India’s first UPI Based Payment App. This was India’s first AC app, with the help of which anyone could do Direct Bank to Bank Transaction from anywhere with the help of UPI.

The interface of BHIM app is very simple. But this app has been created by the Government of India, so it is also very Secure. If your bank does UPI Based Payment Support, then I would recommend you here that you use BHIM app only. Click on the link below to download Bheem.

4) Phone Pe

PhonePe is also a good payment app. It is also an Indian company and is the parent company of Flipkart. This app is also good and powerfull like Paytm. Usually, by using this app, they would like to use the person who often shop on Flipkart. Since Flipkart is the parent company of Phone Pe, it continues to receive discounts and CashBack Offers.

The Interface of the Phone Pe app is very simple and clean. In this also you get UPI Based Payment Feature. With the help of which you can send Instantly Payment to anyone, anytime. And can also receive. Apart from this, you can create a gift card. Click on the link below to download the Phone Pe app.

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