How to Withdrawal Payment with Google AdSense | 5 Simple Steps

How to Withdrawal Payment with Google AdSense | 5 Simple Steps

Hello friends, if you are a Blogger or YouTuber or you have a website. So you will definitely want to earn through AdSense. I have already written several posts on this topic, How to make money from AdSense? If you want, you can read the post by going to Tech Hindi Gyan’s AdSense category. And if approval has been received from AdSense, then you will have a question in your mind. How is payment withdrawal from AdSense?
Let us know that Google AdSense pays through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) method.After this, you also have to verify your address. The process of all these is very easy. But the new blogger finds it difficult due to confusion. All they need is someone’s help and guide. Therefore, I will help and guide you.

To take payment from Google Adsense, you have to follow 4 – 5 steps. Not a very long process, just simple and easy steps. After that you can easily receive payment. In this post, I will explain to you in 5 steps, following which you can take payment from AdSense.

How to Pay Withdrawal with Google AdSense

1) Enter the correct Payee Name and Address

First of all, you have to put the Payee Name and Address exactly right in your adsense. Payee Name means the name that will receive the payment. You have to enter Payee Name and Address according to your bank account. Because the AdSense is verified by matching the payee name and address to the bank account. This is very important, without this you cannot take payment.

2) Verify Address

When you earn $ 10 + in AdSense. So Google sends a verification PIN to your address. Which you have to verify your address by putting it in adsense account. You cannot take payment until you have verified the address. So verifying the address is very important. So create an adsense account from the right address so that whenever Google sends you a PIN, it reaches your address. And you were able to verify your address.

3) Select your payment mode

When your Payment Threshold is completed in Google AdSense, then you have to select your payment mode. Adsense provides the payment mode according to the country. Which payment mode is available for you depends on your location. Google does Wire Transfer, Check and Cash payment. If you are from India, then the Wire Transfer process is the best for you.

4) Add your Bank Account Details

You have verified the address and also completed the payment threshold. So now you have to add your bank account details. For this, you will get a form in AdSense in which Name, Bank Name, Branch, Account No., IFS Code, Etc. Details have to be filled.

5) Complete Payment Threshold

If you complete the payment threshold before the 21st of the month, then your payment period starts. If you want, you can set the threshold according to yourself. by default $ 100 threshold is set. But you can set the threshold to $ 500 or whatever you want. If your earning is more than threshold then you will get paid. And if it is less then you will not get it. So that’s why you go into the settings once and check how much your threshold is set.

Now friends, by following these five steps, you can take payment through AdSense. If you follow all these steps then after that you just have to wait 2 to 3 weeks. AdSense sends payment to its publisher for 21 months every month. Most adsense publishers get payment from 22 to 25 times. But sometimes the date is also back and forth.

So friends, in this way you can withdraw the payment of your adsense. I hope you liked this post. And I have understood all the steps mentioned. If you have any question, you can ask us by commenting. Apart from this, if you liked the post, please share this post on social media. And by following Naukarione, you can continuously get Notification of all our new posts.

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