3 Master Tips to Google AdSense Earning Increase

3 Master Tips to Google AdSense Earning Increase

Hello Friends, Google Adsense is a great source to earn money from websites and blogs. You will know that Google Adsense is the best and popular way to earn money from websites and blogs. But many people are not able to earn much money even in spite of good traffic. And some people make more money despite less traffic. What is the reason behind this? Today I will tell you in this post how to make more money in your blog or website with Google Adsense. Today I will share 3 special and master tips with you in this post, with the help of which you can easily earn more money from your blog or website.
How to make more money with Adsense? You must have searched this topic a lot on the Internet. And you will also get many results. There are many ways to earn more money than AdSense. But I will give you just 3 tips in this post. I am sharing these three tips with you from my personal experience. If you follow them, then surely you will earn 30% to 50% more than before. It is not necessary that those who have more traffic on their blog will earn more. A site with traffic of 1,000 per day can earn more than a site with 10,000 per day traffic. Just you should come to AdSense Optimizing your blog.
Top 3 Master Tips for Increasing Google AdSense Earning

1) Improve Your Blog Page Speed

To earn more than Google Adsense, it is very important that your block page speed is fast. That is, the page loading speed should be fast. If the page loading speed of your blog or website is slow, then despite earning good traffic in your blog, your earning can be reduced by 50%. I have already written a post on how to increase the page loading speed of a blog. If you want, you can read that post by clicking on this link. Let me tell you, the faster the page loading speed of your blog, the higher your earning from Adsense.

2) Improve Your Blog’s Ad Viewability

Whenever you check your blog’s traffic and Adsense’s traffic, then you will see a difference in both. This is a large region of earning less. If you have not noticed this, go to Google Adsense now and check the page views and impressions. And then go to Google analytics and check the page views report. You will get a lot of difference in the traffic of both. The reason for this is due to lack of proper placement of Adsense aids on your blog, no proper loading and using your user’s ad blocker. For this, you will have to work on disabling the ad blocker and loading the aids correctly.

3) Use AdSense Native Ads

Today, AdSense provides about 7 types of AIDS. We can use any of these seven types of aids according to our own. But we should always apply AIDS as per the choice of our visitors. Let us know that AdSense provides us the following types of apps: –

1) Text & Display Ads
2) Display Ads
3) Text Ads
4) Link Ads
5) Matched Content Ads
6) In-feed Ads
7) In-article Ads

You are the owner of your block, you will know very well what type of aids your visitors like. Which means you are getting the most clicks on which AIDS and more CPC. If you do not know, then you get an option experiment in Adsense, you can experiment by experimenting to find out which aids you are getting the most CPC and clicks.

So friends, there were 3 special and master tips with the help of which you can earn more money with Google Adsense in your blog. So follow these three tips, your earning will be boosted by 50% as compared to now. I hope that you liked this post and understood the service steps and points I mentioned. If you have any question or suggestion, you can ask us by commenting. Apart from this, if you have not yet followed Tech Hindi knowledge, then follow it now so that you will continue to get information about all our new posts.

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