Shramyogi Delivery Sahay Yojana 2024

Shramyogi Prasuti Sahai Yojana Gujarat: Maternity Sahai Scheme has been launched to provide financial assistance during pregnancy to women construction workers and wife of construction workers registered with the Construction Labor Welfare Board and to provide social stability to the construction workers. In this article What is Shramyogi Prasuti Sahai Yojana? Complete information about available assistance, required documents, how to apply for assistance, etc. will be known. So please read the article till the end.

Shramyogi Delivery Sahay Yojana 2024

Scheme to provide assistance to women construction laborers or wives of male construction laborers in the state of Gujarat towards expenses incurred for medicine, hospital expenses, nutritional food expenses etc. during childbirth. Financial assistance is available for the first two deliveries.

  • Name of the Yojana – Shramyogi Prasuti Sahai Yojana Gujarat
  • Department Construction – Labor Welfare Board Gujarat
  • Beneficiary – Shramyogi women or spouse of male Shramyogis
  • Assistance – Available Help up to Rs.37,500/-
  • Officials website –

Who can benefit from Shramyogi Delivery Sahay Yojana?

Eligibility to avail the benefit of the Yojana Construction workers registered with Gujarat Building and other Construction Labour Welfare Board will be eligible to avail the benefit of this scheme.

Rules of Shramyogi Prasuti Sahai Yojana

Construction workers registered with Shramyogi Kalyan Board will be Applicable to benefit from this scheme.

  • Assistance is disbursed directly from DBT to the beneficiary’s bank account.
  • If a woman has had a miscarriage, she is also given the benefit. In case of stillbirth and miscarriage, a valid PHC doctor’s certificate has to be submitted. (In the same case where the female applicant or the wife of a construction worker is pregnant before or during the 26th week of pregnancy)
  • The period of application for assistance should be within six months from the date of conception.
  • Rs.17,500/- before maternity assistance in case of registered women construction worker in 06 (six) month application and copy of surgeon/surgeon surgeon/surgeon/surgeon PHC approved doctor’s certificate/ copy of MAMATA card (in case of registered women worker) doctor’s certificate/copy of MAMATA card The application should be in warded in the office before the completion of 06 months (six) counting the period from the date of in warding of the application in the office of the board from the probable date of delivery.

Benefit admissible for Shramyogi Maternity Help Scheme

If the registered construction worker has a wife, she will be entitled to a benefit of Rs.6000/- in her kirsa.
If the registered woman is self-employed for the first two deliveries, during pregnancy a total of Rs.17,500/- and after delivery a total of Rs.20,000/- will be given under Maternity Assistance Scheme.
Thus, a total Help of Rs.37,500/- will be paid to the registered women construction worker.

Documents required for maternity assistance scheme

Following are the documents required for Shram Yogi Prasuti Yojana.

  • Xerox of Mamta Card
  • PHC approved doctor’s certificate regarding miscarriage
  • Xerox of ration card
  • Xerox of Bank Passbook
  • Aadhaar Card of Beneficiary
  • Affidavit

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