Bhashini (Beta) : India turns to AI to capture its 121 languages

Bhashini AI: Launched by the PM in Digital India Week at Gandhinagar (Gujarat), the open-source solution based on AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) aims to bridge the language barrier in communication. As Indian languages continue to grapple with the demands and the strong prospects of the internet, Bhashini is an endeavour to help citizens tune into the digital content in their local language.

Bhashini (Beta) is an app that helps Indian citizens translate content between different Indian languages. It uses AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and crowdsourcing to enable real-time translation.

Bhashini (Beta) has a few features, including

  • Browse: Translates website content into your preferred language by specifying the URL
  • Seen (Beta): Word level OCR in English and Indic languages
  • Generate voice from text: Translates from one Indian language to another and allows users to understand and communicate with people who speak different languages within India
  • Bhashini translation system: India turns to AI to capture its 121 languages.

How To Use Bhashini’s Anuvaad?

Step 1: A user can open this link in a new internet browser window and head to ‘Anuvaad’ to try out Bhashini

Step 2: Select the voice (Male or Female) and language in which you will enter the prompt (character limit: 500)

Step 3: After entering the text, scroll down and select the language you wish to get the prompt translated into

Step 4: Tap on ‘Translate’

A ‘Generate Audio’ button will be available in both languages that output audio in both the source and translated language. You can download or listen to it after clicking this button.

Upon comparison with Google Translate with the first paragraph text of this report, the output turned out the same in Hindi. But slight differences were noticeable when compared head-to-head in Marathi translation.

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