Diwali Frames, add images of loved ones & share with family and friends. And Diwali Video Creat

Using Diwali Frames, add images of loved ones & share with family and friends.
✔Select any photo / picture from Gallery (or) Take a picture using Camera and embed the photo of your choice into beautiful Diwali Photo Frames. 
✔You can easily apply different color, photo effects or fonts to your pictures with Diwali Photo Frames.
✔Share your images via WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networks.

Once you select the picture from Camera or Gallery, Choose the Photo Frame, then selected picture is placed at left side of the frame by default, Please drag the selected picture as per the photo frame (Center or Right Side)
Key Features:
✔ Select a photo or picture from gallery or capture it with your camera phone in real time.
✔ You can add text to the frame, Can change the size, color and font of the text at any time.
✔ You can Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the frame as you like.
✔ More than 35 Diwali Photo frames are available in this app.
✔ Diwali Photo Frames app supports all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.
✔ Save your image to SD card.
✔ Share your images via WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networks.
✔ Save your new edited Diwali Frame images and share it instantly on social networks.
✔ Diwali Photo Frames is very easy to use.
✔ Diwali Photo Frames does not require internet connection.
✔ Diwali Photo Frames is completely free download.
Diwali Photo Frame : Download application
Download Diwali Photo Frames App now.
Diwali Video Maker with Song, photo slideshow with music – powerful video maker
Diwali video maker with song is the easiest diwali video maker tool for creating diwali videos, diwali photo video maker with music, diwali video themes, diwali video status.
Diwali video maker with song is one of the best and most powerful applications for creating diwali videos, creating diwali movies, creating diwali slide show movies, diwali video status on your device.
With this diwali video creation application from diwali photos and music, you can easily create diwali videos, edit diwali videos from your own photo gallery.
You are using the app to create diwali videos from the images in your collection best on Google Play.
All you need to do to create great diwali videos is: Choose diwali photos. Add diwali music. Set diwali effects, time. Save diwali videos, slideshows and share them with friends. Diwali photo video maker is the easiest way to create diwali music videos.
Diwali photo video maker is a free diwali video and music creation application.
This is the best option for you to store and share diwali pictures and sweet diwali memories with friends and relatives! The application allows users to select music from your phone, just select your favourite diwali photo, beautiful slideshow diwali video will be created.
With an image creation tool with music and diwali video editors, creating diwali videos with photos, music and more becomes simple, engaging and interesting. You can create your diwali videos with text, effects, stickers, sound effects and almost anything you want in a creative way to have fun diwali videos.
* Diwali professional editing tool: Photo editor with music editor and diwali video provides the best tools to make it easy to create diwali videos from your photos and music to create extremely easy presentation diwali videos.
* Diwali beautiful effects: diwali photo video maker has a lot of wonderful effects and it’s free. Just need one operation to create great music diwali videos or edit your photos into compelling diwali videos.
* Diwali music: The app provides melodies that match every diwali video theme. You can also add your favourite songs and music tracks from the device to make your diwali videos interesting and engaging.
* Diwali frame and time slideshow: Lots of beautiful and varied frames for your diwali video to be unique. You can also edit the diwali video speed quickly or slowly by selecting the duration of the slideshow.
You can make Photo Slideshow with Music diwali videos just following 4-steps:
1. Select Your diwali Photos From Gallery.
2. Set custom timing.
3. Chose Slideshow Them, You can make your favorite Music.
4. Save your diwali video and Share it to Social Media.
Diwali Video maker : application download
+You can apply animation & create diwali video fast and smoothly.
+You can create diwali video story very easily.
+You can see preview of Your Making Slideshow.
+You can remove selected image or remove all images by clicking on Delete button.
+you can select the music.
+Share diwali video with you friends and families instantly and Social Media.

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