About 47% of Covid deaths registered among those aged below 60 yrs, says Health Ministry

[13/10/2020] Gujarat Corona Cases Today District Wise Updates, Covid watch an initiative of Dr. Kunal Sarkar and a product of Kolkata Heart Foundation to monitor individual covid related risk at home as we keep the mildly symptomatic positive patients at home, along with the ones with fever waiting testing it will be very important to monitor them. Monitoring will be based on parameters like Temperature, Cough/Sneezing Shortness of Breath, Loss of Smell, Diarrhoea and monitoring of oxygen saturation, Blood Pressure, Pulse rate, Single breath count.
“Sarvam Setu” is the official Mobile Platform for Agra for Digital and Doorstep Delivery of Citizen Services and Covid19 emergency response. Corontine – This app is designed to help organisations (including the Government of Meghalaya) to maintain accountability and responsibility towards members and society. The app accomplishes this by monitoring the geographical movements of members and ensuring they are following proper work from home protocol and social distancing policies set by the organisation. Data will not be used for any purpose other than the safety of the members. Members have the right to activate/inactivate location as per their discretion.
This App provides latest information related to COVID-19 and safety measures taken by government to the public. This App also provides option to users to support government to take immediate measures against COVID-19 by providing information regarding people suspected to be affected by COVID-19 near their vicinity.
Jaano is a multi-lingual Citizen first Civic Participation Platform. Help and support users in your local community to earn Jaano Points and become a “LOCAL STAR”. Become India’s most empowered citizens by becoming Vocal for Local!

Help Requests
  • Introducing India’s first AI powered citizen help request system – Post your own “Help Request”, get “Suggestions” from your community, and send a “Thank you” to the best solution!
  • Access localized information feeds customized for your area!
  • LOCAL feed includes User Reviews, News, Local Updates, etc.
  • OFFICIAL feed includes relevant Government Notices, Schemes and Public Interest Information.
Find and Review Public Facilities:
Jaano has curated a comprehensive list of public facilities like Hospitals, Schools, Ration Shops and COVID-19 Services from across India. The system allows users to search and discover such nearby services and use the platform as a neutral repository of reviews to share and help each other and rate service experience.
Covid19, novel Coronavirus pandemic, has brought great troubles to everyone, irrespective of their age, caste, creed, gender and economic situation in Karnataka. Along with those whose health has been affected, lives of the poor, destitute, daily wage earners, migrant workers, slum-dwellers have been most disrupted by this pandemic.

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