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A digital classroom is where a physical classroom extends into a digital space.

The space of a digital classroom must hold potential for collaboration or continuing work outside of the classroom: reflective discussion forums online can be a good way to address this. In a digital classroom, the tone is set by technology

Because technology facilitates easy access to learning resources and networks, it’s easier for students to track their progress and for professors to highlight student work in a digital classroom.

A digital classroom refers to a classroom that is fully immersed in technology.

These classrooms rely on educational apps and websites to enhance student learning.

Feedback loops and technology are also important parts of a digital classroom.

Feedback loops in a digital class ensure that students receive input from their professors in a timely manner.

Professors can also customize their feedback based on student, lesson, group and more.

Technology is the most visible part of this type of classroom and encompass hardware, software,

operating systems and social media channels

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