Gujarat Government Announced 14 Thousand Crore Rahat Package

The state government has been active in reviving the crumbling economy amid the Koro crisis. Now Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced a self-reliant Gujarat package. 

The Chief Minister has announced a package of Rs 14,000 crore. It has also decided to waive the electricity bill. It has been decided to waive 100 units of electricity bill.

  • A subsidy of Rs 35,000 will be given to tribal workers to build houses
  • GST refund will be paid immediately so that the industries do not run out of money
  • Private luxury buses, taxis and cabs waive 6 months road tax: CM Rupani
  • Up to 100 units of electricity bill waived, 92 lakh electricity customers will benefit: CM Vijay Rupani
  • Rs 460 crore allotted for GIDC: CM Rupani
  • 20% waiver in annual property tax: CM Vijay Rupani
  • It had earlier announced a loan of Rs 1 lakh under the self-help scheme. 20 per cent waiver in the annual property tax. At the same time, the government had allocated Rs 460 crore for GIDC. Another relief package will be announced soon, a big statement from Dy CM Nitin Patel

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The government will help the workers to build houses
Electricity bills up to 100 units will be waived
92 lakh electricity consumers will get the benefit of electricity bill waiver
6 months road tax waived from 1st April
GST can be refunded till July
Loans up to one lakh will be available under the self-reliant Gujarat relief package
District Nodal Officers appointed for MSMEs
Pastoralists will be paid Rs 900 per cow
Dhanwantari chariots will be raised at a cost of Rs 20 crore
120 crore allotted to ST Corporation
5 taka electricity bill waived for small traders
Allocation of Rs. 350 crore for construction of godowns in farms
20% waiver in annual property tax
Government’s attempt to thwart GIDC
From the CM Relief Fund, Rs. 100 crore allocated
Announcement of “Atmanirbhar Gujarat” relief package

14000 crore relief package announced

CM Rupani announces relief package

  • 100 units of electricity bill will be waived
  • Rs 650 crore relief to 92 lakh power consumers
  • 20% waiver in annual property tax
  • 5 per cent relief in electricity bill to small traders
  • Electricity tax will be levied at 15 per cent till August
  • Rickshaws, jeeps, taxis exempted from road tax for up to 6 months
  • 6 months road tax of 63000 vehicles completely waived
  • Rs 768 crore relief for industries
  • Capital subsidy of Rs 450 crore to textile industries
  • Capital subsidy of Rs 150 crore to Mega Industries
  • 1200 crore GST refund will be paid by July
  • Rs 450 crore allocated for GIDC
  • Subsidy of Rs.1000 crore in affordable housing
  • Agricultural credit to 24 lakh farmers at zero percent rate
  • The state government will pay a subsidy of Rs 410 crore
  • 900 per cow to a farmer engaged in natural farming
  • Rs 200 crore subsidy for purchase of equipment to fishermen
  • Loans up to Rs 2.50 lakh at 4% will be provided
  • Rs 300 crore will be allocated for interest subsidy
  • Loans up to Rs 1 lakh at 2% will be provided
  • Loans to Mahila Sakhi Mandals at zero percent rate
  • 32000 beneficiaries in Manav Garima Kalyan Yojana
  • 25 crore under Manav Garima Kalyan Yojana
  • Subsidy of Rs. 35000 for construction of houses for tribal workers
  • Allocation of Rs.350 crore for building construction
  • 20 new Dhanvantari Rath, allotment of Rs.25 crore
  • Allotment of Rs 100 crore to 8 Manpas from CM Relief Fund
  • Allotment of Rs.100 crore in respect of Covid-19
  • Allocation of Rs.120 crore to ST department
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Earlier announced a relief package of Rs 650 crore: In the midst of the Corona scuffle in Gujarat, CM Rupani announced a package of Rs 650 crore for 65 lakh poor unorganized workers, construction workers

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